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Where can I buy Bare Bones® products?

You can find Bare Bones® in the gravy and finishing sauce aisle in your local Woolworths and IGA supermarkets across Australia or in Pak’n’Save and New World supermarkets in New Zealand.

Where are the products made?

Bare Bones® products are manufactured in Australia using a variety of locally sourced and imported ingredients. For full details, please check the label on the product.

How can the products be served?

Our gravies, finishing sauces and jus can be served or incorporated into many dishes whether you are cooking for one (with leftovers!), two or more. Please enjoy our range that includes ingredients that pair wonderfully with red meat, chicken, pork and vegetables.

We hope our versatile flavours inspire you to tap in to the sense of harmony that comes from life’s simple pleasures – a delicious home-cooked meal, good conversation and time spent with loved ones.

For an inspired mid-week dinner for two, or an inviting Sunday roast with the family, here are some recipes for the meals you love most - home-cooked, hearty and honestly delicious.

How should Bare Bones® products be prepared?

The Bare Bones range is easy and convenient to prepare using either a microwave or stove top. Instructions for a 1100W microwave: Simply shake the product and tear open by about 3cm, and place off center in the microwave for 60 seconds. Instructions for the stove: pour the contents of the pouch into a saucepan and place on medium heat, stirring occasionally until warm. Once heated, pour over your meal for a splash of genuinely delicious flavour. Use the product in its entirety after opening.

Which artificial colours, flavours and preservatives are used in Bare Bones® products?

You can enjoy Bare Bones® gravies, sauces and jus knowing that we use simple ingredients.Our current range includes no artificial flavours or colours, and preservatives are only present in the wine used in two of our products: our Red Wine Jus with Rosemary and Thyme, and our Free Range Chicken Gravy with White Wine.

Where should the products be stored?

Bare Bones® gravies, sauces and jus come in single-use pouches, which means they should be used in their entirety rather than resealed and stored for later use. Before being opened, Bare Bones® products should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

If they have no preservatives, why don’t they need to be refrigerated?

Our production process ensures that the product is safe at an ambient temperature. While there are small amounts of preservatives (sulphites) in the wines used in two of our recipes, there are no other preservatives added to the product.

Why do my Bare Bones® products have some clumps or oil substance at the top of the pouch?

Because we’ve deliberately limited additives in our ingredients, natural separation may occur. Please remember to shake the pouch well before you heat. However, if you are still concerned please feel free to contact us here and we can help.

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